Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit

Product Name:Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit
Price Range:$200 to $500
Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit
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This affordable 15 Amp Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit brings 4,000 RPMs for a fast-moving, smooth cut which is precisely measured and extremely accurate. A 12 inch compound miter saw comes with a carbide tipped blade, two extension wings, socket wrench, dust bag, and vise.

Makita Company Information

A Japanese company, Makita provides motors and equipment, including power tools, to professionals and hobbyist all over the world. In business of almost a century, Makita offers a large range of saws, including electric corded saws as well as cordless saws. A full line of other tools include drills, electric planters, air compressors, motors, nailers, and various other equipment.

Miter Saw Product Description

This affordable Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit handles easily with a 15 Amp motor and 4,000 RPMs (Rotations Per Minute) to deliver a smooth, accurate cut. The 40 tooth carbide tipped blade has a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate/aluminum coating. Coming in at just under 37 pounds, the saw has a horizontal D-handle design which allows for comfortable portability and easy operation. Maximum productivity is achieved with an electric brake for repeatable precision cutting. The pivoting fence supports larger material for more careful control and operation. This saw comes with a socket wrench, two extension wings, vertical vise, and dust bag.


Product Reviews from Real People

“This a great product with only one flaw. It is strong, square, and very powerful. Using the stock blade it zips through PTL without a hitch. The cuts are very clean with minimal chipping (again with the stock blade). All of my friends who’ve seen it want one. The one flaw is, as a previous reviewer noted, the blade change. You have to depress the blade lock with one hand, pull the shield out of the way with another hand, and loosen the nut with a third hand. Overall, though, this is a fantastic miter saw. By M. Dyer

“Right out of the box it was ready to go. Very good accuracy and well balanced. However, changing the blade is cumbersome and an improvement to the access cover to the blade shaft nut could be made. The cover should have a parking position to keep it out of the way while loosening and tightening the blade nut.” By David C. Brock

“If you just need to do basic compound miter work, or just use this saw to chop wood to length, this is the saw for you. Where I work, we build shipping wood crates for industrial diesel engine parts that we sell, so we cut a lot of wood down to length. We were replacing a Makita 14″ chop saw that we had used for 20+ years and were worried that the build quality wouldn’t be the same, but this saw delivers. It has more power, cuts smoother and has less kick then the previous saw. The big thing that sold me as an engineer was that Makita made the pivot support out of cast aluminum. All the other saws we looked at used a fabricated, stamped-steel pivot which we didn’t believe would last like the cast pivot. The pivot has pressed in replaceable bushings that make this saw serviceable and completely re-buildable in the future. We have only had this for a few weeks but already we can tell it will last a long time.” By Alex H.

“I’m not a professional carpenter, but I’ve used this saw for projects around the house for a while now and can’t get enough of it. The cuts were right on straight out of the box. It’s a clean design and easy to use. I would recommend this saw to anyone…even family members!!” By G. Dix

“I’ve had my Makita LS1221 miter saw for almost a year now. To say the least, I am very happy with my purchase. The cut was perfect, right out of the box, and continues to be so even now. The blade was a better quality than what I thought would be on it and it still gives me the cleanest miter cuts I’ve ever seen. This saw is smooth and powerful enough to go through any of the hardwoods I use.” By Donald J. Wilmes


This Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit comes with everything you need to get started on cutting corners, crown molding, 90 degree angles, and various other cuts. Great for the professional contractor who working on various job sites, or for the at home hobbyist who keeps it in the workshop most of the time. This portable Makita comes with a one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

What Others Are Saying

A Compound Miter Saw Kit Is Your Best Buddy

The Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit is designed to deliver the largest crown cutting and cross cutting capacity in its class. The unit features a patented sliding system that increases the machine rigidity in order to produce the superior cuts and a bearing design for adjustment-free, smooth design on the accurate cuts. The unit is perfect for jobsite and bench top use. It is a perfect to use in manufacturing settings. Read more here…

The Final Judgment on the Product

Makita LS 1221 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw is a kind of product that should be on your list because one way or another, you will surely be needing this kind of tool so it would be best if you already have it on your stocks so that when the time comes that you will be needing one, you will be ready for it. Surely, there are many other brands out there carrying this kind of tool, but if you want something that has already been tried and tested, then might as well go with Makita. Read more here…


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