Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser

Product Name:Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser
Price Range:$200 to $500
Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser
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Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser high performance comes with a laser marker which allows for the most precise cutting. Large pivoting fence increases the range of cutting and micro bevel adjustment allows for the most minute of fine tuning details. With the highest warranty in the business, Hitachi makes miter saws which are expected to last while providing the greatest accuracy and precision with smooth, clean cuts.

Hitachi Company Information

Making power tools for over 60 years, the Hitachi company seeks to provide high quality, affordable power tools and other products for the professional and at home enthusiast. Offering over 1000 different models of electric power tools, the company is a leader in technology for metal casting, precision processing, and electronic control which allows them to produce durable, lightweight, and powerful equipment for today’s woodworker, contractor, cabinet maker, and finisher.

Miter Saw Product Description

Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser– this 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw offers laser precision cutting with 15 Amps of power  and 1950 watts of output and 4,000 RPMs. The horizontal handle is coated with an elastomer compound which allows for reduced vibration with comfort and slippage prevention. A large base allows for careful balance and strong support to prevent warping and carbon brushes which are externally accessible make for easy maintenance which provides durability. Crown molding can be cut vertically because of the tall, pivoting aluminum fence, and the miter scale ranges from 0-52 degrees both right and left for an extremely broad cutting range. Thumb actuated positive stops promote ease of adjustments and the micro-bevel adjustment knob allows for the most detailed precise angle. Saw comes with dust bag, vice assembly, 12-inch 32-tooth saw blade, box wrench, and hex bar wrench. Backed with the five year warranty that leads the industry for power tools and a 30 day money back guarantee for satisfaction.


Product Reviews from Real People

“I had to buy this when I lent my other saw to a buddy and never received it back. I love this saw. The kicker in making this saw so attractive is the laser. It takes all the guess work out of – am I on the mark right or do I have the angle right. Just a nice saw to do projects with.” By Carl Murdock

“It is an amazing saw. I never used the original blade since I think you should always use at least a 60 tooth for finish work (I have a 90 tooth Hitachi blade). It cuts through pine with no visible tear out and a smooth finish (likely due to the blade as much as the saw). The laser is awesome and adjustable, though I do wish you could just use a knob instead of an Allen wrench to adjust it. But once it’s adjusted, you don’t need to worry about it unless you change your blade. The saw has enough power to cut through just about anything. I did have an issue with the flipover fence, as it was slightly out of alignment. I think it might be due to the way it is packaged (there isn’t the slightest hint of styrofoam to protect it). But I called Hitachi and they sent me a new one right away and it is perfect!” By S. Kim

“And yet I’ve used this one many times already. It is solid, easy to adjust, it cuts wood like it was butter, and of course the laser is exceptionally helpful.

I only wish I got it earlier.” By Chrobry

“I have owned this saw for 2 years It’s 8 years old and was given to me by my father in law who owned it from new and brought it back to the uk with him. I’m a finishing joiner and having an accurate chop saw is a necessity. This saw has needed no attention in 8 years and is still 100% accurate. There are not many saw that last this well. If your looking for saw for finishings, this is the saw you want. It doesn’t have the cutting capacity of a sliding saw but the accuracy can’t be beat as there is no flex at all left or right. Would highly recommend this saw to anyone DIYer or professional.” By Aldo


Micro-bevel adjustments, large pivoting fence, laser marker, and thumb actuated positive stops make this powerful saw a breeze to use. With a five year manufacturer’s warranty and high performing miter saw reviews, this Hitatchi 12-Inch dual bevel saw with laser is an attractive and affordable option.

What Others Are Saying

Advantages of this Miter Saw

  • A large portion of the features of the device are made to achieve accuracy.
  • This cutting device comes with a strong motor and a large blade which makes it a little heavy.  Despite this, it still was able to keep its weight under 60 pounds.
  •  With this chain operated motor, it produces a small amount of noise. Read more here…

Laser Marker

The Hitachi C12FDH features a Laser Marker System. The laser can be activated before the blade is in motion and allows for the users to get the exact alignment and blade placement needed for precise jobs. The laser can be adjusted to suit the different needs that different projects have. To use the laser marker system the users simply have to line the laser up with the mark that they have made on the piece of material they wish to cut and the saw blade will then make a cut along that line as guided by the laser. Read more here…


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