Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Product Name:Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
Price Range:$200 to $500
Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
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Large in stature, but not weighing so much that it impedes transporting it, the Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is an affordable option for those who want a solid product with all around cutting capacity which gives maximum options. This tool provides portability with accuracy and power all in one easy-to-use piece of equipment.

Bosch Company Information

Making power tools and other equipment for over a hundred years, Bosch is a company who is known for its quality products and combined with valuable ranges of prices. Their innovative products keep users on the cutting edge of technology, research, and development in power tools, automobiles, parts, fasteners, metalworking, woodworking equipment, farm equipment and more. With the professional craftsman or the home woodworker in mind, Bosch offers a complete line of tools for just about any set of needs.

Miter Saw Product Description

This Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw features an easily portable one-handed, convenient rear carrying handle for transportation to job sites and workshops. At 43 pounds, this saw is mid-range in weight but high in power. The CM12 also offers excellent cutting capacity and a Squarelock quick release fence which is only made for Bosch products. This allows for the highest precision capability and the most accurate cutting . The push-button thumb control is in the front so that the user may easily access it for the most fine adjustments necessary. The power comes from 15 Amps and the blade spins at 4,300 RPMs, complete with a motor brake in order to provide the greatest amount of measuring and cutting control.

The large miter scale offers the easiest reading, with uniform marks to 52-degrees on both the left and the right, as well as an easy to read bevel scale. The integrated expanding base extensions provide the best material support from over 22 inches to 37 inches in order to be able to control the material at the highest level. Cut capacity is 6 34″ at base and 6″ with crown nesting.

This model comes complete with an included dust bag, wrench for changing the blade, and a 12-inch 40-tooth carbide tipped blade.


Product Reviews from Real People

“Impressed with the quality of Bosch relative to the price of their products. CM12 needed minimal fine tuning out of the box and the design of the saw made it very easy. Carries well by back handle. No regrets.” By Jeffrey J Kolaga

“So nice, very precise cuts, that’s what it’s all about. The engineering detail is inspiring. Bosch still does it right.” By s. szeglowski

“So far, its been fantastic. It seems extremely well built and makes some awesome cuts. I’m on my 4th home project now with it and it goes where i go. A great part around the house is i can drag it anywhere very easily. And it stores nicely. I haven’t bought a miter saw stand and not sure I will. I’m OKAY flipping boards around (i.e. to deal w/ the single bevel) and also using saw horses and lots of clamps to cut longer boards (no $400 stand). Overall, the quality and details from this saw exceed my expectations. ” By RAM

“I always look at Bosch tools first and nearly always choose them after comparisons. This saw does all I want of it and does it very well. Five stars!” By LJP

“This 12 inch saw is a pleasure to use. I first used it on a reasonably big job requiring a number of angle cuts. It was smooth and powerful and cut very easily. It does not have the laser sight but I found that it was not necessary. The line on a laser sight was always too broad and needed frequent readjustments. I could set up and make each cut faster without the sight. This saw is worth the extra money.” By Rob Roy


Whether adding another size to an already large power tool collection, or purchasing a first miter saw for a home workshop, buying a miter saw is an excellent investment for a variety of needs. Flexible, sturdy, and with a good reputation from these miter saw reviews, this Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is an affordable option for a high quality product.

What Others Are Saying

Ultimate Portability

The Bosch CM12 miter saw features one-handed carrying ability for quick and easy jobsite transportation, attributed to a convenient rear carry handle. The CM12 miter saw was designed for balanced, one-handed portability. The total weight of the tool is 43-pounds and the width is 22-1/4-inches. The vertical capacity is 6-3/4-inches at the base max with a 6-inch crown. Packing power with portability, this tool has up to 4,300 RPMs, 15 amps, and a motor with brake, making this saw ideal for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. The blade size for the CM12 miter saw is 12-inches. Read more here…

Bosch Miter Saw CM12 Review

In my eyes, Bosch makes the best saws around.  They are sturdy and most of all accurate and dependable.  If you use your saw and move it around, this is the saw for you.  I can’t stress enough how nice it is to be able to finally carry a saw around and not have to struggle with it.  Yes, I will miss my Glide saw on job sites, but I won’t miss carrying it around.  I can leave it in my shop and when a job comes up where I need the Glide saw capacity, I won’t mind carrying it around. Read more here…


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