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Although the majority of miter saws, whether compound or sliding or dual bevel, come with a dust collection system. However, many of these dust collection systems are not exactly thorough in their ability to collect, and the dust collection systems often have a small capacity which is insufficient for larger jobs. In this case, many hobbyists and wood workers decide to install a miter saw dust hood in order to keep their workshops clean and well cared for.

miter saw dust hoodIn order to collect the saw dust that is flowing through your workshop, you may want to consider installing your own dust hood for your miter saw. A variety of innovative designs are available beginning with a simple homemade hood, but often the hoods which are fashioned to match with the table that the miter saw is designed to fit on. Most are made of a nylon fabric material which allows for retention of dust clouds.

Other miter saw dust hoods are made to be portable in order to be able to protect the jobsite where you are using your miter saw. Setting them up on the work site allows you to take care of the job site and avoid spending large amounts of time for cleanup.

In addition to saw hoods keeping the work area clean, employing a dust collection system can allow for the user to be protected from inhaling more dust than necessary, creating a much safer environment.

Here are a few miter saw hoods on the market that you may want to consider buying for your workshop or job site:

Fastcap Chopsaw Saw Hood. This one is created as a heavy-duty, water resistant nylon hood which helps with worksite cutting in inclement weather. Controls messes and contains debris with its 42 inch by 30 inch by 31 inch hood. For portability, this one only weighs 10 pounds.  Price is just over $120, approximately.

Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws. Made of high density nylon, made in the United States. This hood captures dust and directs airflow to a four inch vacuum. Contains interior baffles which prevent fine dust from escaping from the hood. Can be used with miter saws as well as shop vacs, dust collectors, or installed vacuum systems. Folds into a heavy duty carry bag which allows for transport to work sites as well as easy storage. Just under $150.

Fastcap SawHood Pro. This dust hood captures 95% of dust that is on the jobsite. With a compact folding design, this hood comes with a custom carrying bag and connects to accessory holes.  Waterproof design is a time saver for cleaning up at jobsites or in workshops. Price comes in at around under $200.

Woodtek Dust Collector. Made from lightweight metal and comes with plastic hose & fittings to hook up to the miter saw. The oversized hood sits on the table top and allows dust to flow in to the 4” port. Sized at 10” x 16” x 12 ¾”. Price runs around $15-$25 or so.

PSI Woodworking Dust Hood. This DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood is a top seller on Amazon for dust hoods and has earned four out of five stars on Amazon reviews. This is a dust hood that can be used for a variety of power tools including miter saws, lathes, radial arm saws, sanders, and planers without hoods. This one is portable and made from ABS plastic to keep it lightweight, coming in at less than two pounds. With a 4-inch port, this dust hood makes a connection to any dust collection system. Comes with a two year limited warranty and costs under $20.

Some do it yourselfers like to make their own saw hoods, customized just to their own personal saw and table, but it is certainly much easier to order one that is premade. These miter saw dust hoods can range from high end flexible, portable miter saw dust hoods to lower end dust hoods that are better used exclusively in the workshop. No matter what you are looking for, there are a variety of options for professionals or hobbyists who want to keep their workspace clean as well as being able to breathe quite a bit easier.

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