Best Miter Saw for Home Use

While many miter saw reviews are written with contractors or professionals in mind, I also know that there are many folks out there who are looking for the best miter saw for home use. Purchasing a compound miter saw for home use requires a slightly different set of standards than those a professional would use.

Factors for Choosing a Home Use Miter Saw

best miter saw for home useA home workshop miter saw will likely be used less often, is less likely to be used for many repeated cuts of the same size, and is more often going to be set up in a permanent position rather than needing to be transported. Of course, a home hobbyist probably doesn’t have as large of a budget as does a contractor or professional so that is a consideration as well. All of these factors change the way that a miter saw is considered for purchase.

Best Miter Saw for Home Use

When factoring in cost, usefulness, weight, power, and features, the miter saw that has some great reviews on Amazon is also that one that I would state this one as the best miter saw for home use:

DEWALT DW717 10-Inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw



DeWalt offers its own exclusive bevel detent system which provides seven positive tops which allow for the most accurate cuts which are easily repeated. The adjustable miter detent plate is made of stainless steel for durability, and it offers 11 positive stops. Stop positions are perfect for cross cutting to allow for large capacity jobs. The base fence support is perfect for ensuring that the fence is maintained perpendicularly with the blade for precision cutting. Dual horizontal rails are also steel with a unique clamping mechanism as well as linear ball bearings for the best support and safety.

Measurement Capabilities

With the dual bevel sliding compound features, this saw offers quick cutting for baseboards and trim, as well as any other needs. Versatility is the name of the game with an easily-adjusted cam-lock handle, convenient detent override for precision, and large miter capacity. Miter capacity is 0 to 60 degrees for left cuts and 0 to 52 degrees for the right. Tall sliding rails allow for vertically nested crown molding to be cut up to 6 ¼” and base molding up to 6”. Bevel capacity runs from 0 to 48 degrees to both the left and the right, allowing ease by flipping the saw instead of the cutting material. Bevel stops make for quick adjustments for angled cutting.

Compatible Laser System

One of the favorite features of this DeWalt dual bevel sliding compound miter saw is the option for purchasing an add-on laser system which allows for cutting via the red laser line. This makes the cut line easy for anyone to see, eliminating opportunities for mistakes or misjudgments. Although this is not necessary for this saw to do great work, it’s fantastic to have the option to purchase together or add on the laser system later if desired.


Although not extremely lightweight, for home use it is still functional to allow your friend or neighbor to borrow it on occasion (if you are feeling generous). This one offers a built in carrying handy to be lifted comfortably and stowed away. Weighing in at 51 pounds, this miter saw offers portability along with durability.


This 10 inch dual bevel compound miter saw by DeWalt offers 120 volts as a corded electric saw, providing 15 Amps of power bringing the no-load Revolutions per Minute (RPMs) up to 4,000.


Running under $500, this high feature compound miter saw is perfect for home use and the price is affordable as well. This is particularly true when considering that the list price is around $1,000. That’s a 50% savings by ordering online! Of course, there are other saws which run less expensive, but they also don’t have the amount of features and the value for the money that this favorite durable miter saw has.


DeWalt offers a fairly generous warranty on most of its miter saws, including this 10-inch dual compound. The three year limited warranty covers certain specifics, and a 90 day money back guarantee is offered for customers who are skeptical and want to try the tool out without penalty for return if unsatisfied.

All in all, the DEWALT DW717 10-Inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a featured pick as the best miter saw for home use. Due to its flexibility for custom cutting, durability, power, features, and midrange price, this miter saw is bound to be a good friend in your home workshop for years to come.

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